Moderators of events, interaction designers & trainers in public speaking

We believe that if people communicate better with each other, we have a better society. Therefore we make Uganda Speak better.


Conferences can be so much better: focused, fast, interactive.  We moderate your event to help you have better results.

Interaction designers

We do not only moderate your event, we help you set clear goals and an interactive program to reach those goals.

Public Speaking

We train groups and individuals in all aspects of public Speaking. Becasue good speakers get what they want.

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For the Embassy of Belgium in Uganda we moderated a workshop on private sector development.

Healthy entrepreneurs brings affordable health care to all corners of the country. We trained their staff in pitching their company and products in a half day training. 

KLF aims to introduce cryptocurrency to Uganda. We helped the design and moderate a promotion event. 

During the annual Ugandan Real Estate conference, real estate agents wanted the government to take action. We crafted a PR strategy for them, made it visual and used interaction to amplify their message. During their AGM we helped their members think outside the box with a debate


Our moderator brings voting cards and other interaction enablers

Our moderator always ensures interaction

Our moderator always comes prepared

trainer in public speaking

Our training is complete: we train aspects of the spoken word: what to say, how to say it and how to prepare.

Our training is personal: we train in small groups and give much attention to every student.

Our training is practical: we give a little theory and then you practice, practice, practice till you master it.

About Speak Collective

Speak Collective was founded in Kampala Uganda in  2019 by a group of event professionals who want to contribute to better speaking in Uganda. 

As a collective we train and coach each other. We make sure we use state of the art techniques and materials. We discuss in length what we consider quality. This way we make sure we always deliver the best.We are based in Kampala, Uganda.

C.E.O. Rogier Elshout:  "I am a professional trainer & moderator with 9 years full time experience in The Netherlands. I have been coming to Uganda for about 6 years now. I love Uganda: people are born talkers and love to discuss anything. People freely speak their minds. But conferences are often so boring, and spekers often not effective in delivering their message. I was shocked to find that moderation and training in public speaking did not exist in Uganda as a profession. Therefore I founded Speak Collective with a group of people that are all media professionals."

about us 

Our Team of event and public speaking professionals

Rogier Elshout

Moderator & Consultant

Sarah Andinda

Moderator & Trainer

Yovino Okwir

Moderator & Trainer

Fred Ongom

Moderator & Trainer

Give your event the Moderation it deserves

Make your events in Uganda so inspiring that people keep talking about it, so fun that time flies and so relevant that people come back. Hire the best Moderators in Uganda for your event with Speakcollective.

With the moderators your event in Uganda deserves.