About Speak Collective

Speak Collective was founded in 2019 by a group of event professionals who want to contribute to better speaking in Uganda. 

Our story

Rogier Elshout has been visiting Uganda since 2011. On his first day he met Augustine Frizza. They became friends instantly. In oktober 2018, over a coffee or a beer, they had a crazy idea: to start a company like Rogier has in The netherlands. 3 months later Speak collective was born. Augustine gathered some colleagues from the media industry, and Rogier brought a suitcase of his expierence.

C.E.O. Rogier Elshout:  "I am a professional trainer & moderator with 9 years full time experience in The Netherlands. I have been coming to Uganda for about 6 years now. I love Uganda: people are born talkers and love to discuss anything. People freely speak their minds. But conferences are often so boring, and spekers often not effective in delivering their message. I was shocked to find that moderation and training in public speaking did not exist in Uganda as a profession. Therefore I founded Speak Collective with a group of people that are all media professionals."

Our team 

As a collective we train and coach each other. We make sure we use state of the art techniques and materials. We discuss in length what we consider quality. This way we make sure we always deliver the best.

Rogier Elshout

Founder & CEO,
senior Moderator & Trainer

Frizza M. Augustine

managing director,
Moderator & Trainer

Yovino Okwir

Moderator & Trainer

Sarah Andinda

Moderator & Trainer

Isaac Oluput

Moderator & Trainer

Iryn Hearts

Moderator & Trainer

We do not only moderate your event, we help you design it for maximum results.

We are always looking for moderators to join our team. Do you share our values and adhere to our way of working? get in touch.

We are especially looking for qualified women. Get in touch if you think we look for you.