Video: postpone your event a few months or convert to online content?

Since live events are cancelled, you have a choice to make: should you postpone your event for a few months, or do an online seminar instead. Our international moderator Rogier Elshout made a video blog to help you with this choice.

This video was made for Europe. Uganda is a bit different: not everybody has good internet and data is expensive. Many many people don’t know how to operate software and a lot of people only have a phone to watch. That is not ideal.

yet at the same time, people are able to watch video’s so why not create some interesting video content? That is pretty easy to do. Keep it short and simple and you have found a great way to keep in touch with your clients.

There are good reasons to postpone. Firstly, live is unbeatable. The attention span of people is longer, networking is easier, interaction more energetic and if done well a full experience. Secondly, right now many people are trying to get their work adjusted to the new situation. They have to adapt while working from while homeschooling their children. Thirdly many processes that your event is meant to influence, came to a grinding halt and their future unsure. In that case it might be a good idea to wait till the dust has settled.

But there are also some good reasons to go digital. Maybe people don’t want to be bothered by you right now, but maybe they long for attention from you. Maybe your content is helping people adjusting. Or keep track of the world outside their house. It can help connect people who’s world has shrunk to their own house and garden. And some people all of a sudden have time on their hands. Also, in October and November, venues, speakers and agendas of participants are already cramped with events. Can you compete with that?

And in case you cannot choose… why don’t do both? Do a digital event now to keep people in the loop and stirr up enthusiasm for your event later this year. Show some teasers of speakers and to get the discussion started so that people don’t want to misss it. And gather valuable information about how to tailor your live event to the needs and liking of the people you want to come in.

Rogier Elshout