Moderation services for event managers and PR- firms in Uganda

Are you a PR agency, advertisement firm, event manager or other professional/company that organizes events for clients? We want to team up with you! Together we can bring more value to our clients, save time by working efficient and have more happy customers.

A long term partnership that will benefit us both!

more value

We are not just moderators who MC an event, we are your partner in thinking how to serve our client the best. How we can design a program that reaches their goals and maximises their return on investment. We think along with you, are your sparring partner and develop content. And togheter we can advice and convince clients better. Togheter we are stronger.

more efficient

We are event professionals just like you. We understand your work. By working togheter we can work efficiently. We take work of your shoulders, such as designing the program, formulating debate motions and prepare content. The more we work togheter, the more we will operate like a well oiled machine. So we get more done in less time.

happy customers, less worries

By working with us you know what you get and you know we work hard to help the customer reach their goals. Therefore you will have a higher customer satisfaction. And because you know we will do our job properly, we are reliable and we form a team with you, you have less to worry about.

A partnership for event managers, pr firms and advertisement agencies in kampala, Jinja, Entebbe, Gulu and the rest of Uganda 

You are an event manager and you organize an event for for a client. Or you are a pr firm or advertisement agency and you have advised a client that an event is good for their strategic goals. Now you need a moderator. But who is most beneficial for you? Who understands how you work? Who can be your sparring partner to invent the best program, content and working methods?  Who helps you to not give your client what they ask for, but give them a real solution to their problems and maximum return on their investment? Who is reliable and who saves you work because they take work off your shoulders, keep their word and do not need a lot of instructions? And most important of all: who makes you sleep the night before the event because you know they will do their job with the same goal in mind as you: make the client reach their goals.

Our USP's

  1. We are not just moderators, we are interaction designers that think about the whole event.
  2. We are a team: we have the right person for every different event.
  3. We bring modern methods, voting cards, interaction software and more.
  4. We plan and design the program, content and working methods with the same criteria as you: add value for the customer.
  5. We run on time: we will never take longer than agreed.
  6. We come early to rehearse.
  7. We evaluate properly: receive and give feedback so that next time we do even better.
  8. We can be your long term partner.

We want to be your partner

Why? Because we have the same needs as you: serve our clients well, work efficient and sleep the night before the event because we know you have done your job. And the more we work together, the more efficient we become, the more we be a team and the more we can rely on each other. And the more business we can bring each other. And because it just feels good to work with professionals.

contact us today and lets have a coffee to get to know each other!

We do not only moderate, we help clients set clear goals

Our moderator always uses interaction to ensure results

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