Rogier Elshout

always a gentleman

I moderate your event professionally en safeguard the goals, atmosphere and content. With humor, up-tempo and always interactive. Without predictable statements or dreadful monologues. With full respect for people but less for conventions. 

  • Focus on ‘return on investment’: What tangible results should the event cause?
  • High speed, dense content
  • Brings dry and technical topics to life
  • always interactive
years full time moderator
events annually
years Uganda expierence
  • Rogier & Uganda
  • Biography

Rogier has been visiting Uganda since 2011. He has visited regularly. Rogier did consultancy work for an NGo in the Wrenzori region. With them, he founded the Wrenzori Tourism Academy, A school without books where young people get an education in hospitality.

Rogier is therefore the best bridge between the West and Uganda. 

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