Moderation: Private sector development workshop – Belgian Embassy

Private sector development is the spear point in the development cooperation policy of the Kingdom of Belgium. We were asked to facilitate a workshop where Ugandan and Belgium policymakers came together to discuss how Belgium can tailor its program for PSD better to the needs and realities of Uganda.quote from client Yovino Okwir and Augustine Frizza helped the embassy […]

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eventtip #1

Many event organizers first make a program: welcome, speakers, presentations, breaks etc…. before you know it you have a full program with no interaction. But we agreed that interaction is important. Important for the success of the event. What to do? “We can let mister X speak 10 minutes shorter and do 10 minutes Q&A?” […]

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People often think that speaking for a long time is difficult, but speaking for a short while is simple. The opposite is true: the shorter you have, the ore careful you have to think what to say. The real master is therefore not seen in who can speak long, but who can keep it short.

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