Fred Ongom

Trainer & Moderator

Sparking energy

Fred is an outgoing, inquisitive and social person, who knows exactly how to bring out the best in participants in a conversation. Fred has a knack for bringing to life conferences with refined charisma and hospitality, ensuring the audience and the speakers have the best possible experience. By keeping the mood light and dynamic, he is able to get to the core of the matter much faster. As a strategic thinker he challenges you to get the core objectives of your event crystal clear, and ensures to focus on them during the event.

Fred is a trained Biological scientist with extensive experience in the civic and advocacy space in East Africa. As teacher at an international school he is used to work in intercultural settings and modern teaching and learning techniques. As a student, Fred was an active debater and leader of the debate association in his hometown of Gulu in Northern Uganda where he organized many debating events for students and school pupils, planting the seeds of public speaking and policy advocacy debates for youth leaders and Civil Society Organisations.He is still an active member of the Uganda debate fraternity.

At Speak Collective, Fred is in charge of product design, provides experiential public speaking training sessions as well as moderating both in person and online events.

  • High in energy, deep in content
  • At home in an international and intercultural setting
  • 10+ years debate & debate education experience
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  • Biography

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